Thai Cafe – Authentic Thai Cuisine

We are glad to welcome you in the restaurant “THAI CAFE”! If you are reading these lines now, then you have already loved the Thai cuisine with all your heart, or at least are going to do it today. Otherwise, why are you here? We know why. Thailand is famous for its hospitality, the Thais like to have many guests, and they do everything to make every guest comfortable, cozy and tasty. Today, our dear Guest, we are waiting for you at any time in the restaurant “THAI CAFE” with a sense of true Thai hospitality!

Thai Cafe Menu

Each dish of our cooks is a work of art. Unique, able to evoke the most vivid emotions in you. You will be amazed by the incredible combinations of salty, sweet, spicy and sour, so familiar to lovers of authentic Thai cuisine. Our cooks are great professionals in the search for a fine line of combining these tastes.

It does not matter whether you are a gourmet or just looking for new gastronomic sensations, a supporter of proper nutrition or watch your figure tightly, like seafood or do not perceive anything other than good meat. In our menu, everyone will find for themselves what they like. We have kept all the traditions of Thai cuisine so that you can touch a piece of Thailand. Fresh ingredients, tropical spices and their incredible combinations will awaken in you the most unforgettable gastronomic emotions.

The Use of Thai Food

However, Thai food is not only delicious, but also useful! Thanks to an abundance of the freshest ingredients and easy ways of processing, the cuisine of Thailand is considered one of the most low-calorie and healthy cuisines in the world. That’s why we want to make Thai cuisine no less popular than Japanese or Italian. That you, dear Guest, no longer had doubts about which country’s food is preferable for a romantic date, a business meeting, friendly gatherings or a family dinner, so that your choice is a choice of useful Thai food and the Thai restaurant.


“Thai” from Thai’s language means “free” – it is this idea that our restaurants bring to the world. The idea of ​​the kitchen of freedom. Each cook in Thailand has its own style and its own “specialization”, and in restaurants Tai Tai there are real professionals. And everyone is free in the creation of cooking with the only condition: that it is necessarily bright and tasty. And everything is delicious for us. From simple steam rice to coconut milk soups, from a toasted gilded fish in oyster sauce to a roasted pineapple and baked on a wok duck in red curry.


And we just really love Thailand, this country of smiles, bright sun and juicy, contrasting, but harmonious combinations in all manifestations of life. We want this country to fall in love with you, forever becoming a fan of Thai cuisine and dear favorite guest in our restaurant.